Save Some Pennies By Installing Double Glazing In Your Home

Research carried out by the Post Office has found that around one in five people are failing to save money every month. Many people living in the UK simply cannot afford to put money to one side due to the increasing cost of living. This also goes some way to explaining why many young people have yet to set up a pension plan, something it is recommended you do by at least the age of 30.
One of the biggest financial burdens associated with owning a home is the cost of household energy bills. The price of gas and electricity continues to rise, affecting millions of UK households, many of which find themselves living in fuel poverty as energy bills account for 10% of their overall spend.
Anyone looking to save substantial money on their energy bills needs to first invest their money into double glazing. But you may be wondering why should you invest money that you can’t necessarily afford? Well simply because double glazing provides fantastic insulation and can cut energy bills to a more affordable level. Your investment into new windows will more than pay off in the long-term.

An estimated 25% of heat lost from the home occurs because of the ineffectiveness of windows to store warmth. This is a common problem with single glazed windows and those windows that come with a timber frame as the older they get, the less able they are to deal with potential heat loss. If you notice that your windows are allowing draughts to form then you know the time has come to get them replaced.
A steep drop in the cost your heating bills can then leave you with plenty savings that you can then utilise in whatever you want. Conservatories and orangeries are another good long-term investment.


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