Which Extension Style Best Suits Your Home?

If you have made the momentous decision to extend your property it’s not as simple as going out and buying the first home extension you see.

Bespoke Conservatory

Any add-on to your home needs to suit the styling of the building and be in keeping with its age, otherwise you run the risk of it looking completely out of place and making a very expensive mistake. You also need to account for how you intend on utilising the extension.

To help you make the right choice, we have put together a little guide to some of the options available:

Lean-To Conservatory

Thought it was impossible for a home extension to be built at a bungalow or property with a low-pitched roof? Think again, as the Lean-To conservatory is specially designed for such locations.

Often sold as a ‘sun room’ or ‘garden room’, this compact offering can be effortlessly integrated into such properties and is surprisingly spacious internally, giving you lots of possibilities.

Loggia Conservatory

The Loggia is the newest conservatory to come on the scene and arguably the most stunning conservatory ever created.

Influenced by the Italian Renaissance period, it has been brought to life by the very best British engineers and Italian designers. Amongst its many stand-out features are elegant corner columns, glass-to-floor windows and a beautifully plastered roof and walls.

This is the conservatory for you if want an up-to-the-minute solution.

Bespoke Conservatory

If finding a standard home extension that works is proving difficult, you can always go down the bespoke route and design a conservatory or orangery of your own.

It gives you free reign to work together with a designer and fashion an extension that ticks all the necessary boxes. Going bespoke also ensures that you will get something completely different to anything else.

Mull it over with Orion Windows

A discussion with one of our consultants will also definitely help if you need help finding an extension that takes your home to new heights. View our Gallery to get further inspiration.




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