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Buying new windows for your traditional property isn’t quite as straightforward as you may think. Any replacement window style must complement the character of the house, otherwise there’s a risk of the new windows spoiling the building’s original aesthetics and making you fall out of love with it.


Replacement Sash WindowsWhen a window buyer submits an enquiry or visits our showroom we sit down with them to go through the various possible window options to help ensure they make the right choice.

We certainly account for traditional windows as we supply and fit a host of Britain’s most classic window designs and they all deliver modern window performance standards…

Sash Windows

Considered by many to be the most beautiful window of all, it’s over 250 years ago since the sash window was first fashioned, a twist on the horizontal sliding sash window of the time. The word “sash” is used to describe a window where the glazed panels open either in a vertical or swinging motion. Hugely popular in the Georgian era, sash windows continue to captivate modern householders.

Casement Windows

First created in the 18th Century and mostly found in rural areas, a casement’s window panes are attached to the frame via hinges on the vertical sides. This causes it to open sideways which makes casement windows great for ventilation. A traditional casement would be crafted from timber, but nowadays it is predominantly manufactured from UPVC.

Bay & Bow Windows

A bay window consists of three windows, the central window unit being larger than the two side units, and projects outwards from the main walls of a building to create a bay on the inside. Bow windows are slightly different as they include three to six openings and offer more of a curved outward projection.

Georgian Windows

You don’t get any bonus points for guessing that a Georgian window dates back to the Georgian era. They come with very attractive Georgian bars on the external side of the glass (either vertical or horizontal) to give the effect of multiple panes of glass. A textured finish can be used to make a UPVC virtually identical to a timber version.

Heritage Windows

Although it’s a very recently developed product, our Heritage range is a modern-day recreation of the 19th Century sash timber window. Instead of using real wood to manufacture the design, we have utilised a composite material as it is better equipped to cope with prolonged exposure to the elements, but it still looks amazingly similar to wood.

There’s one local company you should turn to for quality traditional windows. Request a copy of our Windows & Doors brochure to read more about our full window collection.


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