3 Reasons Why Rattan Furniture Suits A Conservatory

You will be extremely eager to start utilising a new conservatory once it has been installed by Orion Windows. However, it needs to be properly furnished before you can begin contemplating sitting within its glamorous surrounds.

Handily enough, Orion Windows is also a supplier of the very best cane & rattan furniture (for styling office spaces check Infinity Commercial Furniture), the perfect seating solution for conservatories. Why, you may ask?

Here are 3 reasons why rattan rules:

1. Robust enough to handle fluctuating temperatures

A fully energy efficiency conservatory will cleverly adjust itself to the temperature outside so that the interior stays appropriately warm/cool.
Therefore, the internal temperature regularly fluctuates throughout the year and the furniture needs to be able to cope with it.

A rattan armchair or sofa has the robustness needed to endure differing temperatures and can withstand excess exposure to sunlight.

In most circumstances, rattan furniture can last for a very long time and still offer a similar quality to how it did when originally purchased.

2. Easy to clean

When you accidentally spill certain substances on a traditional sofa or armchair it can be a total nightmare trying to shift them because of an inability to remove the covering.

Cane furniture contains removable upholstery to make cleaning easier and help preserve the lifespan of the respective piece of furniture. Hot soapy water usually does the trick for most things.

On the whole, rattan needs very little looking after.

3. It’s very affordable

Conservatory owners are often surprised by just how affordable rattan furniture is and its inexpensiveness contributes to its widespread appeal.

When you weigh up the potential life expectancy of rattan furniture against what it costs to buy, there’s no question that it offers fantastic value for money.

The economics most definitely work in its favour.

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