Find The Perfect Curtains With This Advice From Orion

Creating the perfect window for your room need not be a difficult task. With a few simple considerations you can create a window that not only suits your room but is also elegant and stylish.

The first step is to ensure that you’ve got the right curtains for the room. The thickness of your curtains is an important decision to make, so take your time and consider your needs depending on the room.

If you’re selecting curtains for the bedroom then thicker curtains will be the better choice. They’ll keep the light out during summer and keep heat in during winter so thick curtains are a great year round investment for this room.

In other rooms of your home you can vary the thickness of your curtains depending on how much light you want to enter the room when they are closed and how much time you spend in that space.

Once you know how thick you’d like your curtains you can begin to think about the colour and pattern you’d like on the material. Use your curtains to tie together multiple colours and themes in the room to create an interesting effect.

It’s worth noting that for a truly great window treatment to work, it needs to be paired with a great window.

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