Have A Safe And Fun Bonfire Night

Most people love bonfire night; however it is widely recognised as one of the most dangerous nights of the year. That is because you are essentially setting off a small explosive in your back yard. However, there are something’s that you must do in order to have a night that’s as safe as possible.

If there are children present at your party, they must be supervised at all times. As soon as fireworks are out of their boxes you must monitor all children to make sure they don’t go near the fireworks, particularly when they are starting to be lit.

Similarly if children are using sparklers then they must be supervised at all times. Only give sparklers to children over 5 years old and make sure they are wearing gloves and they understand where to put the sparklers when they have burnt out.

When it comes to actual fireworks always follow the instructions on the box. Make sure you have plenty of space to launch and watch the display. If possible let your neighbours know that you’ll be launching fireworks so they aren’t caught out by the sudden noise. This is particularly important if they have young children or pets.

Once you’ve completed your fireworks display we recommend watching other peoples fireworks from the comfort of your conservatory. You’ll be able to stay nice and warm while being able to see fireworks going off all around you.

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