Make Your Conservatory Stand Out

You’ve spent years and lots of time and effort making your home suit your individual personality.
Considering this, far too many home owners are complacent when it comes to their conservatories. It’s entirely possible to put a unique spin on a conservatory, there’s no need to stick with the same old same old with an extension from Orion.

Most people have a white UPVC conservatory, at Orion you aren’t limited to one colour of conservatory. We have a range of colours for you to choose from for the finish of your conservatory including Grey, Rustic Cherry and Rosewood.

As well as changing the colour of your conservatory you can also add a glazing design to your conservatory windows to add another unique element to your space.

Once you’ve customised the outside of your conservatory you can be bold with the interior of your conservatory.

Don’t feel like you have to stick with simple and pale colours, use bright and deep colours to add dimension to your new space.

Invest in some colourful blinds and curtains for your conservatory to bring an unusual pattern into the conservatory in a creative way.

To make a conservatory unique to your home, why not opt for a bespoke conservatory from Orion Windows? You can choose your favourite parts of other conservatory designs to design your perfect space.

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