Looking To Update Your Conservatory Roof? How About A Solid Roof?

Fed up of your old conservatory feeling icy cold inside in the winter and red hot during the summer months? It’s a common complaint of conservatory owners and a problem that could be resolved with a solid roof installation.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

A solid roof is a custom-designed lightweight tiled or slate replacement conservatory roof that can take the place of your current roof covering to enhance thermal efficiency and turn your conservatory into a comfortable all year round living space.

It provides buyers with a compromise between a double glazed conservatory or orangery, and a brick built extension with a flat or pitched roof.

Admittedly, solid roof conservatories are most costly than the majority of glass conservatories. This is because the foundations need to be at least one metre deep to satisfy Building Regulations and withstand the weight of a solid roof. But don’t let this put you off because you can always click to find out more here about the best foundation services !

A number of lighting solutions can be incorporated into a solid roof and they can be positioned in virtually any location, the most popular being recessed LED down lighters as they’re very stylish and take up no space.

When buying one from Orion Windows you know it will be professionally designed and it has to be like that if the supporting double or triple glazed windows and doors of the solid roof are to be robust enough. It also needs to be capable of supporting the roof tiles / slates, lighting, plaster boarding, insulation and any accompanying Velux windows.

Building Regulations and Planning Permission

Be advised though that a solid roof installation requires building regulations approval prior to being developed and if the conservatory was originally built under planning, a full new planning application will also need to be submitted.

The reason for this is because Local Planning Officers and Building Control Officers class a solid roof conservatory as a permanent extension, rather than a temporary one.

Anyone thinking of ordering a new conservatory with a solid roof ready-fitted should also obtain planning and Building Regulatory Approval in writing from their local authority before commencing with it.

Utilise our experience in solid roof conservatories

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