4 Most Haunted Places in York

For years now, York has been considered the most haunted City in England.

Well, if this is the kind of thing that floats your boat and you’ve lived in York for a long, long time but never really visited any of these ‘haunted spots’ in the City then here at Orion conservatories, we’ve saved you a job.

We’re going to list four of the most haunted places you can go and visit in York.

York Museum

York Museum has been around since the late 1930s and is said to be haunted. The first sighting of a ghost was in 1953 by the then caretaker of the museum, Mr Jonas.

He is said to have seen a little man who he described as being dressed Edwardian. The encounter between Mr Jonas and the Edwardian occurred when he and his wife had finished locking up for the day and they had then retired to their basement room.

While they were down there, they could hear footsteps above them. Mr Jonas then ventured up into the museum to see what was going on and saw someone walking back and forth through the museum. Apparently, he followed the man, went to put his hands on his shoulders and the man just disappeared.

At a later point, there was also a story that was reported in the local newspaper. Mr Jonas was accompanied by another man and both of them saw and heard the apparition. This is a story that has been featured in The Yorkshire Post and has featured in numerous books since.

York Minster

York Minster is an extremely old building and it is said to have had a verifiable Christian presence since the 4th century. There’s also circumstantial evidence that points to there being much earlier Christian involvement.

Over the years, various saints have graced the Minster and there are also a number of supernatural stories associated with the Minster. One of the most popular stories associated with the Minster happened during the 1920s.

Two ladies who were part of a touring group were separated from the main group and walking alone when they saw a man in naval garments looking at them. He apparently came over to them and whispered something in one of the women’s ears and walked off.

It turns out that the man was the brother of the woman whose ear he’d whispered into. Apparently when they were younger, they had a pact that whoever died first would come back and tell the other one that there was something after death. He’d died at sea and apparently came back to tell her that there was something after life.

35 Stonegate

It is said that 35 Stonegate is York’s most haunted house. It’s also reported that there’s been a house stood on this site for at least 1000 years.

One of the most infamous ghosts that has been found in the house is said to be called Tom who can be found in the séance room on the second floor.

There have been over 14 different ghosts reported at the property, most of which were said to have been seen around the time there were renovations going on at the property during 1999 after Jonathan Cainer had bought the property.

The Treasurer’s House

The Treasurer’s house is home to one of the most well-known ghost stories from York. The building itself is an architectural mixture dating from both the 16th and 17th century. These days, the house is owned by the National Trust but in medieval times it was home to the treasurers of York Minster.

It served like this until 1547 when it was passed through a number of different private owners. Also, the house as it stands now bears very little resemblance to the original building as there’s been an awful lot of rebuilding undertaken. The current state of the house was thanks to a wealthy, local industrialist between 1897 and 1930.

The story behind the Treasurer’s House is as follows. In 1953, an apprentice plumber by the name of Harry Martindale was working in the basement of the building and whilst he was down there working, he turned to see a column of Roman soldiers walking with their heads bowed as if they were walking in defeat. This sighting has happened numerous times since and it is believed that the Romans are walking along the site of an old Roman road.


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