What Are The Benefits Of Having A Porch?

When it comes to modernising a home there are various avenues homeowners can take, whether that be redecorating the living room or sprucing up the bathroom, but when it comes to modernising and extending your home a porch should be your first port of call and here’s a few reasons why.

Creating the WOW factor

A porch modernises the exterior of a home, whilst blending in seamlessly with the original build of a house. The idea of a porch is not to take away from the original character or personality of a home, it’s too enhance it.

Not only do porches enhance homes but they also add practicality. For most houses that don’t have a porch, homeowners or guests enter through the front door and step straight into the living room or hallway. By having a porch there’s a more defined separation between rooms and the outside.

Adding space

A porch creates more space and storage within the home. Instead of having shoes and coats piled on racks in the hall, everything can be safely put away in an orderly fashion in the porch.

If extra storage isn’t your thing, you can always decorate and customise your porch extension with indoor plants that need the cooler environment!

Offering extra security

Having a porch extension on the front or back of your home offers you extra security. It’s another barrier between your home and the outside, protecting you, your family and your possessions.

Our porches consist of a range of security and safety features including: high security hinges and handles, dog bolts, anti-bump/snap handles and multi-point locking mechanisms.

If you’d like to know more about our Orion Windows porch range, please click here for more information.


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