How To Generate The Feeling Of Summer In Your Home

3 ways of bringing summer into your home


After a pretty dour May, we have all very much welcomed the lovely weather that’s hit us in June, and hope that there’s more of it to come! 

Like us, you may find that when the sun’s out and it’s nice and warm, you feel like you have more energy and more incentive to do things – summer weather has that effect on people. 

It’s therefore a good idea to try and get that feeling of summer into your living space, as much as you can, to benefit your mental and physical well-being. 

How is that possible? It’s actually surprisingly simple:

Clean your windows

The main route the sun has into your home is through your windows and if they’re dirty on the inside or outside, it will restrict how much light comes through them. They need to be spick and span. 

You don’t want thick curtains at this time of year, particularly as they may be blocking out large amounts of light, even when open. Take them down and hang up thinner coverings. 

Does the house get too hot in a heatwave? The glass in the windows could be to blame, so get energy efficient windows installed.

An opened UPVC window

Install bi-folding doors

Could you have bi-folding doors integrated into a rear wall? They almost entirely consist of glass thanks to the slenderness of the aluminium frames. 

When open or closed, the various door leafs will help transfer in an abundance of natural light, and you will also get a tremendous view of your outdoor space. 

If your home overheats, use the bi-folding doors to create an opening sufficient enough to ventilate the interior and keep it cool.

Bi-folding doors in an extension

Add some houseplants

Don’t miss out on nature just because you don’t have a garden or live too far away from a park. The feeling of nature is crucial in summer. 

Putting houseplants around your house can resolve that, such as succulents, ferns and orchids, which you can display on countertops, floors and tables. 

They will purify the air that’s in the house to leave it much cleaner, removing any air pollutants, which will benefit your health, lowering your stress levels.

A living space with bi-folding doors

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