It’s Almost Big Energy Saving Week – 5 Ways To Start Cutting Your Energy Costs

One of the first big national campaigns to take place in the UK in 2020 starts on January 20th in the form of Big Energy Saving Week.

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Running for seven days, it is run by Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust, and its purpose is to help homeowners cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to.

The rising cost of household fuel has become an increasing financial burden for millions of UK residents over the past decade, and you might be one of them.

There are lots of things you can do to lower your energy costs. You don’t have to wait two more weeks to find out what they are as Orion has five energy-saving tips of its own you can use:

  1. Find a cheaper tariff

What you should never do in this day and age is remain loyal to your energy supplier – loyalty counts for nothing.

If you’re a first-time switcher, you could be looking at an annual saving of around £300, and it’s simple to switch.

Your most recent energy bill will have details of your current gas and electricity usage which you can use to find a better deal on a comparison site.

After agreeing to a new tariff, your new supplier will organise the switchover with your old supplier.

  1. Limit time spent in the shower

It’s so nice having a hot shower when it’s freezing cold outside, but there’s always a temptation to stay in the shower too long, which could cost you valuable money.

If the whole family reduces their showering time by just a couple of minutes, it could save around £20 per year. That doesn’t seem much, but it all mounts up.

And obviously limiting how many showers you have will also help your bank balance.

  1. Turn off the lights in unoccupied spaces

Another naughty trait that some people is leaving lights on in empty rooms or a completely empty house.

The off switch for all lights should be pressed before you close the door behind you to save on electricity and extend the life of your lightbulbs.

Replacing any normal bulbs for energy saving bulbs will also be a money-saver. During their lifetime, energy saving bulbs can save you £100 per bulb, compared to normal bulbs.

  1. Get a smart thermostat fitted

Most of us carry round a mobile device when out and about and after having a smart thermostat installed and downloading the relevant app to your phone or tablet, you will be able to control your heating remotely.

This comes in useful if you forget to turn off your heating before you leave the house. Knocking down the thermostat by a single degree can also make a big difference to your energy bill.

  1. Buy energy efficient windows and doors from Orion

It shouldn’t take a genius to work out that any cold draughts within a living space are caused by poor window and door insulation. Some estimate that as much as 40% of heat loss occurs through ageing windows alone.

Put a stop to it by getting any of Orion’s double or triple glazed window or styles fitted as they all offer a very high energy rating.

Click here to get a copy of our Windows & Doors brochure if it’s your windows and doors that are the root of all your energy woes.










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