Help Yorkshire save the environment with new windows

As you aware we do not get the best of weather in the Yorkshire region during the winter months and many homes are unable to cope with such old spells. The first thing we all do when temperature is low in the home is turn the heating up, but did you realise when doing that you are contributing in a negative way to the process of climate change.

Many windows in Yorkshire are to blame for the amount of draughts created in the home from the outside elements.  Timber wooden frames which when installed many years ago and provided a good shield against the cold, have come victim to warping and rotting and this is often a prime reason why you it feels bitter indoors.

If after having a good look around your windows and realising this is the case, then you must consider having double glazing in Beverley and double glazing in Scarborough installed.  Double glazing can help cut heating costs in half, therefore halving the amount of energy consumption used in the home, something to make the greenest of people happy.

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass as opposed to the traditional one pan.  Air is trapped between the layers of glass, creating an insulating barrier which not only prevents heat loss, cuts down on noise and helps prevent condensation.  Something to be eternally grateful for as there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and discovering you have wet curtains and cannot see through the windows.

If you want to further protect your privacy within the home then you could look to get blinds installed for your new windows.  Blinds have been created in a variety of subtle colours which can easily be matched with existing furniture and any type of interior design.


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