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How To Keep Your Mind And Body Healthy At Home

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

Lockdown won’t be coming to an end quite yet, but let’s not be downbeat about it, particularly as your home is easily the safest place you can be whilst this is all going on. 

We’ve had some time to adjust to isolation and it isn’t all bad. We’re getting to spend more time than we normally would with our families, for starters.

If you are finding the situation a bit of a struggle, there’s zero shame in that! 

What you need to do is try and keep healthy at home as that will help and it’s easily done when you know how:

Structure your days and make time for unwinding

You will always find something to do at home. Write down or make a checklist in your mind of goals that you can achieve each day, such as vacuuming, doing the laundry, dusting, clearing out the loft etc.

Each time you complete a task it will give you a great feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction. 

Don’t be too busy though and become disconnected from the people you can’t see during isolation. Stay in touch using technology, designating plenty of time for virtually chatting with friends and relatives to put you in an upbeat mood and make you feel positive.

Tip One

Revert to outdoor living as much as possible

One of the few silver linings of the past few weeks is that the weather has been kind to us, so far. A bit of Vitamin D from the sun is a real tonic, as is some fresh air, and it will help you sleep like a baby. 

Because we’re only able to go out once a day for exercise, you really need to make the most of your garden. 

Transform your external space into an outdoor eatery where you can all have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. It’s also better to let the kids use their tablets, laptops and mobile phones outside than inside as you don’t want them stuck indoors all day long.

Tip Two

Have a home bakeathon

Never baked before or fancy yourself as a Mary Berry in the making? Either way, baking is exceptionally good for our mental health and can in fact have meditative qualities. You’ll also get a massive kick when your chosen bake turns out well.

It’s something everyone can have a go at and even if you end up for a soggy bottom, it will be worth it for comedic value. 

Flour is flying off the shelves in supermarkets due to a surge in home baking, but there are loads of non-flour recipes. For instance, you don’t need it for cornflake cakes and peanut butter cookies.

Tip three

What else will create a little excitement in your life is knowing that you will have home improvements fitted by Orion Windows after lockdown finishes. This can be arranged via our FREE Online Appointment Service.

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