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How To Make Your Front Door Worthy Of An Instagram Post

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

It’s a fashionable thing to share a photo of your front door on Instagram, but only if it exudes the utmost elegance. 

For proof of this, just log into your Instagram account and enter in either of the following hashtags – #frontdoor or #frontdoors. 

As soon as you do that, your Instagram feed will be full of fashionable front doors from across the world that their respective owners have gone all out to make deliciously decorative. 

You will feel a tinge of jealousy if your front door is pretty plain and uninspiring. But it wouldn’t take much to change that and make it Insta-worthy.

Coloured finish

The colour of the door is all-important and this applies whether you’re going to embark on buying a new door, or are planning to just repaint your existing front door. 

Grey, black and white front doors make up a high percentage of the front doors there are globally, but as door palettes have broadened, so have the tastes of homeowners. For instance, you will see lots of Chartwell Green doors nowadays. 

The odd pink door isn’t unheard of either and there are some very tasteful pink doors around. A bright pink door would be a risky choice though!

A purple front door

Door wreath

No Insta-worthy door can be considered as such without a door wreath on it. That’s right, a door wreath isn’t just for the festive period!

If you have the time, skills and equipment, you could attempt to make your own wreath, or cheat a bit and just buy a premade wreath, real or fake. In a summer wreath, you will typically find colours like orange, pink and red. 

Change your wreath every season, if you can.

A door wreath


As an accompaniment to a door wreath, it’s also the ‘in’ thing to have planters sitting on each side of an attractive front door. 

The most typical planters used are twin potted bay trees and you have to say that they do make a door more noticeable than it would be without them. 

To keep bay trees or any other potted plant thriving, regularly watering will be necessary. Mark a date in your diary for doing it.

A black front door

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