3 Steps That Will Make Your Property More Sellable

3 Steps That Will Make Your Property More Sellable

The economic turbulence that Britain is experiencing is having a direct impact on the housing market, which is not what you want to hear if you are attempting to sell your home.

In September, the number of homes sold in the country dropped by almost 40%, and Nationwide believes that house prices could drop by 8-10% in 2023.

You’re not necessarily fighting a lost cause though, as there’s a big buyers market out there. It’s just about doing whatever you can to appeal to them.

Get essential paperwork together

Imagine the disappointment if you were about to get a house sale over the line, only for it to collapse because you don’t have a vital piece of paperwork that a buyer’s solicitor requests from you.

Check that you have all your paperwork in order before the house is placed on the market so that any sales process runs smoothly.

Locate the land registry documents and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for the property, as well as any FENSA or CERTASS certificate you were given after having new windows and doors fitted. If you’ve had an extension built, you should also be in possession of planning permission and / or building regulations certificates.

Paperwork on a table

Add more light to the house

Space is a strong selling-point – you want lots of it inside and capitalising on natural light will help you get it.

Keeping your windows clean is the first thing you need to do, and think about how positioning mirrors close to them will also draw in as much natural light as possible.

We also suggest switching to lighter colour schemes in any dark rooms, mending broken lights, ensuring there are no window obstructions around the place, changing the layout of any furniture to create space and getting a feature door fitted in a well-located aperture, such as a bi-folding door.

The interior of a house

Win people’s affections with your windows

A survey was held by the HomeOwners Alliance, who asked the question, ‘What do you believe is the most important kerb appeal feature?’ The top response, with 71% of the vote, was: “Windows in good condition (no signs of rot or flaking paint).

Can you say with confidence that your windows have the necessary kerb appeal? If not, it’s obviously time that they were changed.

Our UPVC and aluminium windows won’t ever rot or flake as the finishes are weather-resistant and applied to last. When they do get dirty, you only need to wipe the frames with a soft, soapy cloth to get them looking pristine again – no repainting required!

The exterior of a house

Buyers will be more likely to be falling over themselves to put in an offer for your home when it’s been upgraded with products from the Orion Windows range. Request a quote for any item here.


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