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The Advantages Of Fitting A Solid Roof To Your Conservatory Or Orangery

When you own a conservatory or orangery, all you want to be able to do is use the space as often as you possibly can. But, there’s very little hope of that happening in summer or winter if the roofing system attached to your extension is doing an ineffective job of insulating it and leaving it feeling either extremely hot or extremely cold.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

You can very easily resolve that by replacing the existing roof with a solid tiled roof from Orion Windows.

“Transform your conservatory into a comfortable all year round living space”

The above tagline is how we promote our solid tiled roofs to customers because that’s exactly what they will do to your extension; turn it into a place that forever feels warm and inviting. And, we can fit them very easily.

A guaranteed improvement in internal comfort isn’t the only selling-point of a solid roof…

Authentic slates / tiles

You will be immediately taken with the appearance of a solid roof due to the uncanny likeness the lightweight slates / tiles have to authentic slates / tiles.

They practically look the same as they boast similar characteristics and come in the kind of colours you’d normally expect to see on a traditional slate or tile.

Financial gain

Have you become heavily reliant on your heating system to be able to use your extension in winter? You will no longer have to do that after the installation of a solid roof as it will heat the space for you.

The financial gain from this will be significant and go a long way towards covering the cost of the replacement roof.


What good is a redundant space to you or someone considering buying your home? Conservatories and orangeries can add huge value to homes, but not if they’re unusable for large portions of the year.

A well-insulated extension will be a big selling-point for buyers and could play factor in someone submitting an offer.


To find out how else a solid roof can bring in your conservatory or orangery from the cold, request a copy of our Solid Tiled Roofs brochure.

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