Watch Out And Beware Of These Window Selling Techniques

Looking to buy new windows for your home? ‘Windows’ is in our name, so Orion Windows would be an obvious place to come for them, but we understand if you want to see what other replacement window suppliers can also offer before you commit to doing business with anybody.  

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The manner we sell to customers is very straightforward – we let our products do the talking, and when we are asked for help and advice, it’s always given honestly and transparently.

Most other respectable companies will act in the same vein, but there are a few window specialists within the industry acting dishonourably and using questionable sales tactics to deceive customers.

So that you don’t get caught out by them, Orion has done a round-up of the sorts of selling strategies that should set alarm bells ringing:

Price Conditioning

When a salesperson tries to discover how much you are looking to pay, they may be using a technique called ‘Price Conditioning’.

Once you have stated a figure, they will use it to try and generate a cost price that they believe will get you to sign on the dotted line.

Prices shouldn’t just be thought up. They should be genuine prices, and if they’re discounted, it should be explained to you exactly what the discount is for.

False Discounts & Offers

To try and secure your custom and force you into buying there and then, a salesperson may engineer a discount or offer that’s limited to that day only.

Even if it’s a significant reduction in price, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a great deal.

You should always be given the freedom to shop around so that you can compare what one company is offering in comparison to another. That’s how you get a great deal!

Large Price Drops

Another crafty sales method occurs when a salesperson invents and puts an inflated price on product ‘X’ to see what your reaction is.

Their intent is to trigger a shocked response from the customer so that when they then say they will reduce that price the customer expresses a feeling of relief.

It should be their best price and nothing else that they offer you.

Overly Putting Down The Competition

While you wouldn’t expect a window supplier to sing the praises of their competition, they shouldn’t be entirely focused on damning their rivals.

They should concentrate on championing their own service offering and let you see examples of their previous work to convince you that they can be trusted.


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