Finishing Touches To Your Conservatory Or Orangery Make All The Difference

It’s very often the finishing touches that have the biggest impact on any conservatory or orangery design and there are so many possibilities.

Gable Conservatory

Get these finishing touches right and your conservatory or orangery will be unique to any other room in the house. We suggest you contemplate the following when sitting down with one of our designers…

How will the space be used?

This is the first important question and you can have them act as everything from a lavish dining room to a luscious lounge. Your preferred purpose will determine if you need any extras like plug sockets or speakers adding to the design. Spotlights will be a given too if you intend to enjoy orangery living at night as they can be incorporated into the perimeter ceiling.

What type of flooring will work best?

For that cosy feel you’re best advised to have a soft carpet installed or soft set of rugs scattered about the space. Hard flooring may be a better option if you need a surface that’s capable of withstanding a high volume of traffic and it can also makes cleaning away any spillages that much easier. Additional warmth in winter can also come courtesy of underfloor heating.

How can I add some colour?

At the same time as shielding you from the glare of the sun, a set of blinds can also be used to introduce colour as you can buy blinds in all sorts of patterns and colours nowadays. Be brave and bold with your colour choices if you really want your extension to make an impression and you introduce elements of the garden with a few plants placed here and there.

Can I create a garden connection?

You certainly can and there are three potential door solutions we can integrate into the design – patio doors, French doors or bi-folding doors.

Patio doors offer a neat opening via a sliding mechanism, French doors generate a wide double opening, while bi-folding doors can create a wholly unrestricted opening due to their unique folding operation.

Eliminating any boundary between a conservatory or orangery and the outdoors will give you the perfect garden escape.

Book an appointment and sit down with one of our designers to ensure your extension is finished off in style. Orion Windows loves nothing more than to give customers a helping hand.


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