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Mistakes To Avoid When Extending Your Kitchen

Things have really changed in the British household. It would always be the living room where families would settle down to watch TV together and spend the most of their time indoors. But now it’s the kitchen where they most tend to hang out at home, as well as obviously cook and dine in the space. 

Kitchen & Dining Extension

Do you like the idea of almost everything revolving around your kitchen, if it isn’t already? 

It may require you to extend your current kitchen, and you have certainly come to the right company to get that organised as Orion Windows is a provider of quality kitchen extensions. 

We’ll plan it all carefully with you and ensure that the end design perfectly caters for everything you need, ensuring that zero mistakes are made along the way, such as these:

Having insufficient lighting

Lighting is a feature that mustn’t be overlooked in kitchens, but it so often is. 

It’s most important that you get it right in areas where you will be prepping any food, including at the sink and hob. Incorporating what’s called ‘task lighting’ into the underside of any cupboards near a sink or hob will provide a nice, bright light.

For a kitchen island where you will be eating meals, use a low-hanging pendant light to both emphasise this dining space and give it an intimate feel. Also thinking about including a skylight to capitalise on natural light. 

A shortage of countertops

You need enough countertop space for all of your kitchen appliances, and to be able to make dishes and then eat them. 

Some of your appliances may be quite big, so you also don’t want them taking up too much of your work surfaces. 

Let our designers know what your plans are for your kitchen usage so that they can determine how much countertop space you’re likely to need and where the countertops should be situated. 

Failing to check if it needs planning permission

Whether through ignorance or when done purposely, there is no excuse for not finding out if the kitchen extension you’re having built onto your home will comply with planning laws. 

You’re good to go without planning permission if the kitchen extension fits the criteria to be considered a Permitted Development. Our kitchen extensions page has more info about this. 

It could also need Building Regulations Approval. We will clarify the situation with your local authority before we begin any building work.  

Appointing Orion Windows for a kitchen extension will definitely not prove to be a mistake. See how you can finance the extension using our finance calculator.

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