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A discussion on windows in Hull is not the most stimulating topic of conversation but when you are informed that your windows could be losing you money you tend to want to listen. A fifth of the heat generated in the home is lost through windows due to the inadequacy of old timber wooden frames and single panes of glass, making a negative impact on climate change.

Many people have clocked onto this fact and double glazing in Beverley is on the rise. Double glazing traps a thin insulating layer of air between two panes of glass. That insulating layer is sealed in and helps prevent heat transfer. In other words, it keeps cold air out and a lets a lot more of hot air in. It has been estimated that it can help reduce heating bills by around £90 a year.

The installation of double glazed windows can also help put off crime, as because of their strong composition and multi point locking systems they are very unlikely to be breakable. Because the glass used is so thick, it also means that outside noise will be reduced to a minimum within the home. It can help give your home a makeover, especially if the front of house is looking a little dated.

For those who cannot afford the expense of double glazing but who are keen to increase their windows energy efficiency, why not consider secondary glazing. Secondary glazing involves adding a second sheet of glass or plastic to a window frame, improving thermal and sound insulation. Although not quite as effective as double glazing, it could still help you save around £65 a year off your heating bills, something not to be sniffed at.

If home improvement is your thing, then why not consider conservatories in Leeds as another way of extending your living space and bringing heat into the home.


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