Are You Familiar With The Benefits Of Bi-Folding Doors?

There are many show-stopping products in our home improvement range, but we’d have to say that one of the solutions you will most be fascinated by are our beautiful aluminium bi-folding doors.

Home Extension - Bi-Folding Doors

Consisting of as a little as two panes, up to a maximum of seven panes, with corner and bay sets also available, they have an amazingly slender profile with more glass work than you could possibly imagine.

It’s an absolute joy to watch and feel them working.

As they’re unlocked and pushed to the end point of the tracking system, the individual door leafs collectively fold (inwardly or outwardly) very much like a concertina. You hardly have to put any effort in to get them moving as they’re surprisingly lightweight.

If you were to ask Orion Windows why you should considering buying some, we would say this…

Unrestricted opening

After being folded open, bi-folding doors sit completely out of the way, leaving you with a totally unrestricted opening. This differs from a set of patio or French doors as they will occupy some space when they’re ajar.

No sort of obstruction will stand in your way when you fancy heading outdoors to take in the weather.

Superb ventilation

The more door leafs you have in your bi-folding door, the bigger the overall opening will be when you fold them all open.

A significantly large opening will be in your favour on those extremely hot days as it will enable you to let lots of fresh air into your indoor space to help cool it down.

Secured by Design

Fitting bi-folding doors won’t be to the detriment of your home security, quite the opposite in fact.

Our bi-folds are one of the few bi-folding door solutions nationwide to have received approval from the Police and their Secured by Design accreditation.

You cannot ask for more reassurance that they will do a good enough job of protecting your property than to have the Police back them.

Suitable for extensions

Bi-folding doors aren’t just meant for currently bricked-up wall spaces inside of the house. They can be integrated into a section of a conservatory, orangery, or various other forms of home extension.

Putting them within an extension could be a good move if it faces your garden. Linking the two spaces will almost turn them into one uniform setting.


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