Invest In An Energy Efficient Composite Door To Stay Warm This Winter

You’re being very optimistic if you expect your home to feel cosy throughout the whole of the winter and are living with an old front door that provides a fraction of the insulation the property needs.

Oak Composite Door Cameo

Constant exposure to cold, heat, sun, rain and wind can leave traditional doors weathered, causing gaps to form between the door and the frame, which then enables small draughts to sift through.

Go to your door right now and stand close to it. If you feel the slightest hint of the weather, it’s time to upgrade to an energy efficient composite door from Orion Windows.

Because they’re manufactured from an array of energy efficient materials, our composite doors are great insulators, meaning, after the installation process, you can look forward to a guaranteed warm winter.

And that’s not the only reason why you should ditch your current door for one…

Energy Savings

More of the heat that comes out of your boiler will be kept in by a composite door, rather than wasted, so there will be no need to overuse your boiler, saving you money on your energy bills.

Restricting energy usage will also lower your carbon footprint due to reduced emissions – something every householder should be seeking to do to protect the environment.

Noise Cancelling

We use a number of materials to manufacture a composite door, including wood, PVC, insulating foam and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). This explains why a composite door is so thick.

The thickness of the door frame will cancel out some of the noise generated by outdoor traffic and noisy pedestrians, giving you some welcome peace and quiet.

Revived Entrance

Taking out your old door and replacing it with a brand new composite door can revive the entire entrance on its own.

We have some wonderful woodgrains if you want to replicate the natural appearance of timber, and a host of arresting coloured finishes. They don’t need treating and will have a stunning impact on the place.


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