Have You Thought About A Sliding Door For Your Home?

Fingers crossed that this summer is a scorcher. If that’s how it transpires, you should get out into the garden as much as possible. Sound like the kind of lifestyle you’d love to experience more often? Fitting a set of sliding patio doors is something you should be thinking about as they will give you superb garden access in seconds and end up becoming an integral feature of the house.

Sliding Patio Doors

Whether they occupy suitable wall space at the rear of your property or are included in a new conservatory installation, sliding patio doors are an essential item in the contemporary residence. Our team of designers are capable of crafting a suitably sized UPVC or aluminium sliding door to fit the available aperture.


A sliding door manoeuvres amazingly easily from side-to-side in a straight line and doesn’t swing inwards or outwards like some door solutions (French doors). This means that it won’t occupy any valuable space indoors or outdoors and will indeed make the respective room somehow feel more spacious.


Incorporating sliding doors into a previously bricked wall will invigorate the relevant spot as sliding doors are immensely stylish. It’s impossible not to be taken in by their slender sightlines and giant glazed panes. You’re not just restricted to a classic plain white colour in terms of finishes either. Sliding doors can be supplied in several striking shades.


You must always be on your guard against potential home burglary – determined burglars will use any means possible to break into properties. The addition of sliding patio doors reduces the threat they pose as they come fitted with a sophisticated tamper-proof locking mechanism and very dense glazing.


If we do get the warm weather we’re hoping for, it’ll be nice for you to keep your living space ventilated aside from the coolness provided by any windows that are left open. The generous opening a sliding door provides will allow lots of outdoor air to enter into and circle around your interior, stopping it from feeling stuffy. Try out different openings depending on how warm it is outside.

Slide your way into our York showroom to see the best sliding doors in the region. We display several examples at the home of Orion Windows.


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