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How To Get Your Home Looking Festive For Christmas

It won’t be a conventional Christmas for the majority of people this year, but we should all still get into the festive spirit to try and bring 2020 to a memorable end.

Start by organising some Zoom Christmas parties with work colleagues and friends, involving games you can play virtually, and whilst playing them, ensure you have your party hats and Christmas jumpers on. 

And now we’re into December, your house needs decorating!

Stick some Shakin’ Stevens on the stereo, pour out the mulled wine, and give the place a cute Christmassy look with our three on-trend decorating ideas:

Turn your Christmas tree upside-down

Yes, you have read that right! The upside-down Christmas tree is all the rage this year, as you will have seen if you follow celebs like Ariana Grande on Instagram. 

What Ariana, and the others, probably don’t realise is that the idea of hanging a Christmas tree upside-down actually dates back to the Middle Ages and isn’t a new concept. 

Upside-down Christmas trees are being sold by retailers like the aptly named Christmas Tree World.

Add some sparkle to your stairs

Stairs are a prominent feature in any house and they should be decorated for the occasion just like you’d decorate your front door or windows. 

You could get an all-natural garland that sits on top of your bannister from top to bottom, or at its base, with some fairy lights intertwined into it to make it stand out. 

The steps leading up to your upper floor can also be used for decorative purposes, each having their own little Christmas box on them.

Wrap your front door like a Christmas present

It’s not just all those toys, games and clothes that you’ve bought for people that need wrapping, but also your front door, which will be a refreshing change from the standard wreath.

Buy some red fabric if you have a white or light-coloured door, together with a large bow, a heavy duty magnet and some duct tape.

Cut the fabric to the relevant size and wrap the door with it, using tape to keep it in place. You will need the heavy duty magnet for sticking the bow on.

The New Year would be a good time to invest in a new front door if your current door looks on its last legs. Orion Windows can quote you for one here.

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