Transform Your Entrance With A Modern Makeover

How to modernise your entrance

Your entrance is arguably the most important part of your home. Creating a great first impression is important and therefore it’s a good idea to ensure your home is keeping up with current trends.

Not only will a modern entrance inject plenty of value into your home, but it will make coming home from work even better and your guests will feel much more welcome.

Get a new front door installed

A new door will make the biggest difference to your entrance and at Orion, we have lots of contemporary styled doors for you to choose from.

Our composite doors are designed to perform modern and act modern. They will ensure the kerb appeal of your home is transformed, whilst creating a more thermally-efficient home.

When selecting a colour finish, steer away from shades of white and browse our brochure for more contemporary inspiration. Grey is a modern favourite, along with Chartwell Green. If you want to keep it classic on the inside of your home, you can choose one colour for the inside of the door and one for the outside.

Wide range of colours

Introduce plants to your doorway

Adding plants to your entrance is a simple and affordable way to modernise the exterior of your home.

Topiary trees are a popular plant used by homeowners to frame a front door. They can be trimmed in various shapes and they are great at making your property feel more inviting.

There’s no need to go overboard with lots of plants – stay away from creating a jungle of greenery and stick to just two topiary trees symmetrically placed. In modern homes, less is more.

Dress your door

Door accessories

At Orion, there is a wide assortment of door furniture available, which include a variety of on-trend handles and knockers.

In the past, popular knocker and door handle designs included animals in antique brass finishes. Today, homeowners prefer something a little more simple, like our chrome ring or bar.

If you want to add some statement decor that is practical as it is stylish, add an oversized house number plate on your door or on a nearby wall.

Finishing touches

For a fabulously modern entrance, stick to a simple aesthetic with a couple of feature pieces, like interesting plants and a statement-worthy number plate.

If your entrance is in need of a modern makeover, look no further. Get a quote for a new door and browse our range of contemporary colours and hardware here.


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