For A Contemporary Feeling Conservatory Buy Bi-Folding Doors

When looking to expand space at your home you can set new standards in your street and raise the bar by investing in the newest home extension design – the Loggia.

However, if the up-to-the-minute styling of the Loggia isn’t enough for you or you already own a conservatory but want to give it some kind of contemporary lift, then the installation of bi-folding doors will definitely appeal.

Bi-folding doors are the definition of beauty

It’s impossible not to be stirred by the elegance of bi-folding doors which can very easily be integrated into most conservatory designs.

Crafted from aluminium, they’re made up of individual door leafs that collectively fold when the doors are pushed open along their accompanying runner. The frames are incredibly slim, allowing for very large pieces of glass to be inserted into them.

Depending on the size of any available aperture, bi-folding doors can measure anything up to 7 or 8 panes wide.

The benefits of bi-folds

  1. A great garden opening

You will have an immediate and the most stylish exit point into the garden from your conservatory when you have bi-folds included. You’ll derive such enjoyment from operating the doors that appreciating garden living is something that you will become accustomed to on a far more regular basis.

  1. Flood of natural sunlight

Because of the slenderness of the frames and high proportion of glass, a huge amount of natural light will travel through the doors. This will leave the inside of your conservatory feeling immensely bright and spacious during daylight hours. The warmth of the sun will also be carried through and keep the surrounding warm.

  1. Minimal maintenance

Door maintenance is a real chore and something we could all do without. Aluminium is a weather-resistant material so there will be no chance of the finish fading or the frames corroding over time. The only bit of upkeep required will be a wipe of the frames with a wet cloth to remove dirt and grime.

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