Explaining The New Building Regulations: Trickle Vents

Explaining The New Building Regulations: Trickle Vents

It’s important to take note when Building Regulations change, especially when there is a significant update, just as there was on June 15th this year.

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All new and replacement windows must now have trickle vents incorporated into the design. This compulsory regulation is for the benefits of homeowners everywhere.

If you’re not working in the home improvement industry it’s likely you won’t have ever heard of trickle vents, so we have put together a brief guide for you.

About Trickle Vents

Modern day windows and doors are much more energy efficient than they used to be. This is a great thing – it means we pay less in energy bills and our homes feel more comfortable.

However, by eliminating draughts and preventing heat from escaping, energy efficient windows provide less ventilation when closed. This can lead to a build-up of damp, which is not only unsightly, but it can have a negative effect on health. Trickle vents are the solution.

To provide ventilation when the windows are closed, a trickle vent creates a small hole in the window. This improves air quality, minimising pollutants and preventing condensation.

Your installers should check that your replacement windows comply with the legal requirement for trickle vents. An experienced installer should also issue guidance on the best type of trickle vent for the windows they’re fitting.

There are just three exceptions to the trickle vent requirement and they are buildings with heat recovery systems, certain Listed Buildings and homes within Conservation Areas.

Every other window needs to be installed with trickle vents. If your current windows have vents in them already, the new trickle vents will need to perform just as well, or better.

Failure to comply with the new Building Regulations could hinder a house sale and it may also negatively impact your health. You will need to obtain a completion certificate to prove that your new windows were installed with trickle vents.

If you need any further information about trickle vents, speak to an Orion advisor for help and advice.


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