Orion Orangeries Are The Perfect Sanctuary

Work hard, play hard. That is the motto and lifestyle choice that many of us choose to adopt in our lives, but we all need a break at times and the orangery is the place where you should spend your time on such occasions. Orion Windows believes that is the finest of all home extensions and here is why…

Fantastic looks

Both the exterior and interior of orangeries in Hull are something to behold. The ease with which it will blend in with any property type is easy to understand due to its brick built composition and the use of double glazing, similar to that you would find in most homes. You don’t even need to worry about the outside of the extension fading, as unlike conservatories, it doesn’t rely upon UPVC.

Great value

The purchasing of an orangery may be a big financial commitment, but you need to consider the extra value it will bring to your home from a monetary perspective. The value of your home is very likely to rise as orangeries are viewed as being a very unique feature and will increase the appeal of your home should you ever put it on the market.

Better living

Being able to use your orangery on a regular basis is something very few have the fortune to enjoy as the orangery has yet to reach into the consciousness of many people. But, you can start a trend for an orangery in your local neighbourhood and benefit from the many different lifestyle choices that it offers.

Comfort as and when you need it

Home extensions would in the past become redundant during certain times of the year as they got too hot or too cold. There is no such problem with an orangery as it is built for all year round use.


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