A Round-Up Of Some Of The Biggest Home Trends For 2021

Some of you will again have extra time on your hands, and we doubt you will just want to spend it sitting down at home. 

Instead, you may want to use the time enhancing your home, as many people did in 2020. A great idea, we say!

In that case, it will help to know about some of the expected home trends for 2021, before you roll up your sleeves and make a start. 

By trawling the internet and various interior design websites, here’s 3 trends that are set to be extremely popular this year:


A theme that slowly began to emerge during the first lockdown was cottagecore, and it will gain even more new fans in 2021.

Cottagecore is very much based around comfort, an aesthetic movement that evokes thoughts of the countryside and country living. If you’ve seen ‘The Darling Buds of May’, that show encapsulates cottagecore in a nutshell. 

It isn’t hard to create the cottagecore feel. Think warm textures with floral patterns, fancy china on dressers and farmhouse tables sitting in kitchens.

Home Offices

Ever since office workers were ejected from their usual workplaces by the pandemic, WFH has become a normal way of life. 

Attics, kitchens and bedrooms have been turned into makeshift work areas. Whilst some have gone further and extended their homes to accommodate their need for a home working space. 

Any work space at home must offer great functionality, be nicely lit and free of any distractions so that you can properly get your head down.


What on earth is a ‘shelfie’, you may be thinking. 

If you go onto Instagram and find the shelfie hashtag, you will quickly discover that it’s all about posting a picture of your nattily dressed best shelf. 

To create a shelfie that impresses, carefully stack your shelf with different varieties of glassware, decorative plates, vases, ceramics etc. from top to bottom that are all well colour-matched. For the final photo, ensure that the shelf is in good light.

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