Single Glazing Is No Comparison to Double Glazing In Harrogate

How many of us have opened our front doors only to be greeted by the local double glazing company and politely declined their request to put new windows in our homes? The answer is a great majority! One of the first things that usually puts us off is the price involved to have the work done and many people feel that no window will bring the great looks that a traditional timber window can offer.

This is a myth as all double glazing in Harrogate, double glazing in Hull and double glazing in Yorkshire offers more than any single glazed window around. Single glazing just does not have the ability to contain heat within the home and often lets an enormous amount of it escape from the home, resulting in a waste of energy and money. Double glazing can put paid to this as it is designed to trap heat and keep it within a room for long periods of time, without you having to have the heating on consistently.

The other problem with single glazed timber windows is that once the weather gets hold of them, they start to lose their good looks and often display an untidy appearance. Double glazing overcomes this as UPVC is weather resistant and can continue to look good with very little maintenance for 20 years plus!

By replacing old windows you will not only enhance aesthetically, but you could be enhancing the value of your home, ideal if you are looking to make a profit when you come to sell your home. New windows are now available in as many different finishes as ever before, so you are sure to be able to find a more than adequate replacement. Single glazing is old news, double glazing is most definitely the future of glazing.


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