Plan Your Conservatory With The Help Of Orion Windows

When purchasing a home extension there needs to be a whole host of planning that goes on before you can even think about before going ahead with the installation process. Orion Windows has years of experience in the manufacturing, supplying and installation of such structures at a variety of locations across the region. We are well placed to ensure that your purchase offers you years of great living.

Planning permission

The installation of conservatories in York and orangeries can only go ahead once you have managed to obtain the approval of your relevant local authority. If you were to go ahead with the installation process before gaining authorisation, it could an extremely costly mistake as you may well be ordered to take the structure back down. The majority of applications are approved, but why take the risk? Orion Windows will assist you with regards any planning permission requirements.


We will visit your home and work out where your conservatory or orangery will be best placed as you want to be sure that it receives as much natural light as possible, without the structure becoming too warm. You will also want it to be placed somewhere that offers you the best possible view of your back garden.


Orion Windows can transform your new living space into pretty much anything you want. Have a good think about what you feel is currently lacking in your home and we can potentially turn it into a new living room, dining room, gym, office, or even a playroom for the kids. Just tell us what you want and we will do our very best to bring your idea to life.

Well-positioned and well-arranged conservatories with double glazing can add massive value to your home. Together we can do create something truly out of this world.


We invite you to join us at our showroom in York, to browse our many products in person and speak with our team of advisors and designers about your next home improvement project.


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