Orion Now Provides Home And Kitchen Extensions

Do you dream of owning a bigger home? You don’t need to go through the stress of leaving your existing property to get one for two reasons.

Kitchen Extension External View

Firstly, Orion has just expanded its service offering to include supplying and fitting home and kitchen extensions, so we can give you loads more living space to enjoy at a fraction of the cost of moving.

And secondly, the government last week announced that the relaxation of the rules relating to single-storey rear extensions, which has been in place since 2013, has now been permanently enforced.

It’s easier to extend your home than ever before

The rules for home extensions changed six years ago to encourage more families to grow their homes, and over 110,000 householders have exercised their right to do just that. It basically enables you to have a six-metre single-storey rear extension installed at a terraced property, and eight-metre single-storey rear extension fitted at a detached property without the need for planning permission.

Cutting out this usual bit of red tape makes it far easier and quicker for you to extend, and you also won’t have to shell out £206 for a planning application.

What your local authority will do is inform your neighbours of the proposed extension to allow them to voice any justifiable concerns (consultation phase). If any concerns are raised, the council will then decide if the extension is likely to harm the character or enjoyment of the area.

Orion isn’t just a conservatory and orangery specialist

After extending thousands of properties with our conservatories and orangeries over the years, integrating home and kitchen extensions is second nature to us.

Our most important task is ensuring that an extension complements and enhances the character of a house. When you see how detailed we get with everything involved in bringing an extension together, you will have no fear that any extension provided to you will do anything other than leave your property looking outstanding and accommodate your every requirement.

The 10 year guarantee you will receive with your extension further symbolises the quality of the extensions we deliver.


Changes in planning laws for home extensions and news of our new extensions service means it’s never been more fashionable to extend your home. Follow the trend and book an appointment today.









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