The Backstory Of UPVC And Why It Enjoys Enduring Popularity

You’re given so many choices when buying a home improvement product from Orion Windows, including what style of window or door you want, the kind of hardware you’d like affixed to the solution and whether you’d prefer a UPVC, aluminium or composite frame. 

White Leaded UPVC Windows

UPVC is chosen a lot by customers when they’re asked what material they want their windows and doors to be made from, which is a reflection of how great it is and the reason why Orion uses UPVC to manufacture so many products. 

The affection for UPVC first began to grow in the 1980’s, a time when Britain went crazy for UPVC double-glazed windows, and that affection hasn’t died down since. 

Why is UPVC still so loved?

It’s one of the most affordable building materials around, coming in at a lower cost to hardwood timber or aluminium. This is why UPVC windows and doors are very modest cost-wise. 

It’s also phenomenally strong and isn’t the type of material that weakens over time. Much of its strength comes from the vinyl polymer used to bind the chlorine atoms to the UPVC frame. The inclusion of it avoids UPVC from being just pure plastic and helps make it work with steel. 

This is before we even get on to the outstanding thermal qualities of UPVC. 

Once fitted, UPVC windows and doors provide fantastic insulation as they have an impressive energy rating, or at least they have when they’re bought from Orion – our replacement windows are A+ energy rated as standard. This helps them easily conform to building regulations, and guarantees you cheap energy bills. 

The days when you’d only be able to get UPVC windows and doors in a classic white colour are long gone. You can have them supplied in pretty much any colour you want nowadays, and also a number of woodgrain effects too if you want your UPVC windows to fool people into thinking they’re made from timber. 

UPVC finishes aren’t painted on like the colours found on timber windows and doors, so they don’t need a fresh lick of paint every couple of years. To clean them, just wipe the frames down with a wet cloth. 

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