Use Heating Less Frequently With Double Glazing

Very few homeowners can now afford to keep their heating on throughout the day as it simply costs them too much money. Instead, we have to put it on in short bursts, but if you live in a property with traditional windows it may not do enough to keep your home warm as old windows are one of the chief causes of heat loss and draughts.

This is one of the major benefits of double glazing as it is designed to trap any heat generated by a boiler for long periods so that you can rely on it less regularly. Any draughts evident when you had your old windows in place will also disappear as both frame and glass are fitted tightly and it won’t weaken as it ages like a traditional window has a tendency to do.

By using your heating less often you will help to make your home more environmentally-friendly as your carbon footprint will be reduced significantly. The burning of fossil fuels is damaging and one of the primary reasons why climate change is a growing threat to us all. You will be making your own little positive contribution by not having to use your heater as much as you did previously.

It is completely up to you whether you install new windows throughout your home or just in those rooms that you use most often. Your decision may depend upon the funds you have available, but whatever you choose to do it will have a positive impact in some way.

When you find that you have money left over from the energy savings you make, you should think about improving your property in other ways such as with the installation of conservatories or orangeries. A home extension could help you make extra savings in the future.


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