How To Minimise The Threat Of A Break-In At Your Home

The nights are really starting to close in, and they will close in even more quickly once the clocks go back at the end of the month. 

Burglars will rejoice at this because when it’s dark outside, they have a better chance of gaining entry into someone’s house without being caught. You should try these out to sell your old home and find the safest home at best price in your desired locality.

Your home might be one of the places they have their eyes on, you just never know. This is one of the reasons why October is National Home Security Month, an annual reminder to us all to check that our home security is as good as it needs to be heading into the winter. 

To keep your home out of bounds from burglars, exercise these three home security tips:

Fit a working burglar alarm

Is it any wonder that a UK home is burgled every 106 seconds when only a third of properties in this country have a burglar alarm?! As for the average cost of a burglary, that’s a cool £3,000. 

It’s crazy not to have a burglar alarm considering you can get a good one for only £200. At that price it could be a bells-only alarm, silent alarm, wireless alarm or dialler alarm.

The modern burglar alarm can instantly detect a break-in and will let you know it’s happening. 

Dismiss the possibility of fitting a dummy alarm. It won’t fool anyone.

Don’t leave out a spare key

Thieves are not stupid. Before they try and prise open a window or door, they will have a look to see if a spare key has been left under a doormat or plant pot, places where spare keys are often put. 

Any chance of a payout from your home insurance company will be gone if your house is burgled without it even being properly broken into. 

If someone needs a spare key, just get cut for them. Refrain also from leaving a key in a lock as you never who might reach in and grab it.

Install secure new windows and doors

Your windows and doors are meant to protect you, and your home. They need to have enough strength to fight off thieves. 

Check that they do by securely fastening all of your windows and doors and seeing if they move at all when you give them a push. If you notice some give, it’s time they were replaced. 

A brand-new set of energy efficient double or triple glazed windows and doors will offer far greater security and will be internally glazed, which stops anyone from removing the glass from outside of the property.

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