Thinking About Expanding Home? Check Out Our Solid Roof Extensions

You don’t realise just how precious space in the home is until you start to lose it and home living becomes somewhat cramped. Moving house may not be an attractive proposition to you for one of several reasons but it doesn’t need to be when you can expand your home with a solid roof extension.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

Even a little bit of extra space can go a long way and installing a solid roof extension will transform how you enjoy home living.

Orion can size you up any solid roof extension

We are masters at creating solid roof extensions that are specially crafted for their respective location. Our skilled team of designers have fashioned extensions that neatly sit within properties large and small.

A brilliant example of this can be seen here where a compact solid roof extension with accompanying bi-folding doors was assimilated into a gorgeous existing residence. The little bit of spaces it’s brought has had a massive impact on the house and the family living in it.

Warm Roof – A reliable roof covering

Another beauty of a solid roof extension is that you get prolonged thermal efficiency thanks to the Warm Roof attached to the design.  

Depending on your preference, this Warm Roof comes supplied with either lightweight tiles or slates. These tiles / slates look virtually identical in appearance to authentic tiles / slates (it helps that we supply them in traditional roof colours), only they don’t crack or lose their colour and their performance levels don’t deteriorate over time.  

Should you stipulate their inclusion, roof windows can also be added to the Warm Roof so that plenty natural sunlight gets in and seemingly increases the feeling of spaciousness.

Banish those stresses you have over space now by making a solid roof extension your next home investment. Orion Windows is poised to provide you with a FREE no obligation quote.





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