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White Eclipse Aluminium Windows & Solid Roof Extension

Mrs Geall's

Eclipse Aluminium Windows & Solid Roof Extension

Reviving an impressive 1930’s home.

Mrs Geall reached out to us to help solve the issue of her leaky leaded windows. We replaced them with slimframe aluminium windows.

Mrs Geall’s house certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the 1930’s, considering that’s when it was built and it hasn’t changed a whole lot since then! Not too far from reaching its 100th year, the grand property has traditional leaded windows, which has made the home a struggle to clean and maintain. Replacing the draughty windows have been on Mrs Geall’s radar for a while, but she was worried there would be problems due to them being mullioned.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

When our team of designers sat down to address Mrs Geall’s requirements, we found out she wanted to maximise natural light in the home. With this in mind, we advised on finding windows from our Eclipse Aluminium collection, which have slim frames and expansive glass, to invite plenty of sunlight inside. They’re also known for being easy to clean and maintain.

Mrs Geall spends much of her free time painting watercolours, but she doesn’t have a suitable space to do that at home. She had a vision to transform her current extension into an art studio, but it was not possible due to how cold her extension gets in winter and how hot it gets in summer. To fix this, we installed a solid tiled roof to transfrom the room from unusable to incredibly comfortable at all times of the year.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows
Eclipse Aluminium Windows

I now have the perfect place to enjoy my hobby. Not only is it comfortably warm in the studio, but it has the perfect lighting. The lightweight tiled roof has transformed the purpose of the space


As expected, there are no more issues of leaking in the house. Mrs Geall can also open and close her windows without worrying the frames will fall out! Her home feels much quieter due to the noise reducing glass and her heating costs have gone down since. Mrs Geall was happy to see us a year after installation, as we returned to check how the new windows were performing. They were in perfect condition!

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