Create A Luxurious Lounge In Your Conservatory

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, you should be making the most of it. Far too many people ignore their conservatories because they believe that they can’t use them for most of the year.

Modern conservatories from Orion Windows are built to take advantage of all of the benefits of modern double glazing. Thanks to this technology your conservatory will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, making this space perfect for use as a lounge.

The conservatory is usually flooded with light and with great views of your garden it’s the perfect place to relax with a book all year round. In summer keep the furniture bright and choose accessories in soft colours to keep the space bright and airy.

In winter you can experiment with deeper colours and bolder accessories. This is the time to layer cushions and blankets to create a cosy space you’ll want to relax in. Add fairy lights for a cute and festive touch to any conservatory.

With a few simple changes your conservatory can change with the seasons and give you a great space to relax in time and time again.

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