Everything You Need To Know About U-Values

When browsing modern replacement windows and doors at the showroom of your local home improvement specialist you will see that they carry a U-Value.

Double Glazing

A U-Value indicates the level of thermal efficiency offered by the product and is something you should take into consideration when purchasing. It’s for this reason that it’s useful to have some understanding of U-Values.

Basically, a U-Value represents the standard of insulation provided by a material. In simple terms, the lower the U-Value, the less heat will escape through it.

Being able to compare the U-Values provided by different materials comes in very handy, for instance when you’re trying to choose between installing a polycarbonate roof or solid roof on a new conservatory.

Within current Building Regulations it is specified that certain U-Values must be met when constructing or modifying an existing structure. To know the overall energy efficiency provided by a structure it is imperative that you know the respective U-Values offered by the wall, floor or roof.

How will low U-Values benefit your home?

The exceptional energy efficiency that a low U-Value represents will warm up your living space and make it feel far more comfortable as those draughts that used to get in so easily will disappear.

This will also save you money as it will enable you to reduce your reliance on heating, significantly cutting the cost of your energy bills in the process and lowering your carbon footprint.

Honesty is our policy

We always inform customers about the U-Values our products offer and are happy to calculate the U-Value that any new living space they invest in will provide.  

You’re more than welcome to get in touch with us if you need to know anything else about U-Values as our sales and design consultants are fully up to speed with this important topic.




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