How To Dress Windows And Doors At Xmas

In our last blog post we provided you with some festive inspiration to help transform your conservatory into a Christmassy wintery wonderland. But what about your windows and doors, you must not leave them bare!

Get them dressed up ahead of Santa hitting his sleigh to make your house the talk of the town during this most special time of the year.

We have some inspirational ideas to help you create a cracking Crimbo cottage, festive flat or the Merriest of mansions:

  1. Door wreath

The circular shape of a wreath is meant to symbolise unity, and as we know, at Christmas time it’s all about coming together with our loved ones. Christmas wreaths contain items associated with the favoured season of the year – holly, pine, pinecones, fir, cedar, berries etc. Hung on your door, they’re the perfect accessory to greet those arriving at your home on Christmas morning and get them in the spirit.

  1. Window stickers

Pop down to your local stationery shop and buy some Christmas-related window stickers that you can easily apply to and remove from the glass. They could be snowflakes, reindeers, snowmen etc. and should cost you next to nothing. If you have young children who love arts and crafts, then why not get them to make some Christmassy stickers of their own.

  1. Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree should be the chief focal point in your living area for the next few weeks. If you’re short of cash for spending on additional window decorations, position the tree as close as possible to the window that faces out onto the street so that it immediately catches the eye of those passing.

Once Christmas has come to an end and the decorations have been taken down, why not pay us a New Year visit for the best home improvements – a perfect pick-me-up.









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