Looking To Update Your Conservatory Roof? How About A Solid Roof?

Have you had lots of use out of your conservatory this winter or is it strictly out of bounds until the weather improves because it currently feels icy cold inside?

Solid Tiled Roof Orangery

When your conservatory has the feel of a freezer, instead of turning your back on it for the foreseeable, you should look into upgrading the roof and the best replacement roof for old conservatories is undoubtedly a solid roof.

A solid roof can be custom-made for your particular conservatory style and fitted in no time at all after the swift and easy removal of your existing roof.

Featuring insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board, it will work miracles in terms of thermal efficiency as all of a sudden your conservatory will feel comfortable enough for you to enjoy season-round everyday living. No longer will you have to turn to your heating to keep its interior warm, making your energy bills a lot cheaper than they are at the moment too.

The exterior of a solid roof consists of maintenance-free lightweight tiles and slates in a quality coloured finish. These tiles/slates will make the whole extension more aesthetically-pleasing and those that have never been fortunate enough to see your conservatory before will hardly believe that it isn’t the original roof. Your choice of finish should be selected in accordance with the colour applied to the tiles/slates attached to the roof of your home as you want your solid roof to complement it and not look out of place.

We believe in being honest with our customers, so we will admit that the installation of a solid roof could prevent as much natural light getting in, but that’s ok! Incorporating one or more roof windows into the roof covering will give the sun a welcome passage into the extension to ensure it’s nicely illuminated during the daytime.

It’s time to stop giving your conservatory the cold shoulder in winter. Get a solid roof from Orion Windows to prompt a heart-warming reunion with it. 





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