Upgrade Your Windows & Doors To Fight Rising Energy Costs

Invest in energy efficient windows and doors to cut your energy costs

There’s never been a time like it for homeowners as food gets more expensive and energy bills have increased at an alarming rate. 

Millions more have fallen into fuel poverty as a result of the raising of the price cap on April 1st to £1971, a 54% rise on the previous price cap figure of £1277. 

And that’s just the start, with Martin Lewis and other industry experts predicting that the price cap could hit £2600+ come October, just before the cold weather returns. 

With switching a no-go due to the absence of cheaper tariffs, what can you do?

The best advice we can give you is to urgently get energy efficient windows and doors installed, and we’ll tell you why.

Energy Efficient Windows

Heat loss is a major cause of expensive energy bills and often it’s your windows that will be responsible for some of it (up to 18%), if they’ve never been replaced. 

Check to see if your windows have any mould or moisture, whether there are cracks in the sealant, and place a candle close to them to see if the flame noticeably flickers. These are all signs of heat loss. 

We provide A+ rated windows as standard at Orion, which will markedly improve heat retention, keeping more of it in your home to help you save around £170 every year.

An energy efficient window

Energy Efficient Doors

An ageing front and / or rear door could also be contributing to heat loss (poorly insulating doors can cause 15% of heat loss). Conduct the aforementioned tests to uncover if your doors are a source of heat loss. 

In an energy efficiency drive, all replacement doors sold in the UK must have a U-value of 1.8 W/m². The lower that U-value is, the better the insulation offered, and our doors fulfil this requirement and some. 

Very quickly after we’ve fitted one of our doors, you will feel the difference it makes to thermal comfort, without you needing to overuse your heating, like you might be doing now, saving you extra money.

An energy efficient door

The fact that we provide a 20-year guarantee for all window and door installations means you can look forward to at least two decades of big energy savings. That makes them worth the investment. If you agree, get a FREE quote.


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