Add To The Cosiness Of Your Home With A Cottage Look And Feel

Cottage look and feel

Our homes should be a source of comfort, especially in the bleak winter months.

One way to endure the long nights is to give your home a traditional cottage look and feel for extra cosiness. Make the dreary days a little more tolerable by taking inspiration from the traditional cottage look. 

You don’t have to own a traditional property to imitate the cosiness of an authentic cottage. Even the most contemporary of homes can benefit from a few adjustments so your home is warm and inviting throughout the year.

The cosy feel

The first step to maintaining a cottage feel is to establish your home as cosy and warm. 

You can achieve this by lighting a fire and adding blankets and throws to cosy up when the sun goes down. The most significant way to keep your home at a pleasant temperature throughout the winter months is to install thermally efficient windows and doors.

We know it can be tempting to turn your heating way up in the colder months, but with energy-efficient windows and doors you shouldn’t need to as they do a better job of stopping heat from escaping outside. 

You will be able to enjoy more warmth and your heating bills will be lower at the end of each month, saving you money that would be better spent elsewhere.

Cottage window

The cottagecore look

Sometimes referred to as farmcore or countrycore, cottagecore is a dreamy style that is nostalgic for simple, country life. It can be integrated into our fashion and interior design choices.

Social media has a lot of inspiration for the popular, homey look that is quintessentially English. To embrace the trend, you should add vintage floral patterns to everything from your wallpaper to curtains and valances.

Orion has a collection of traditional window styles, including Georgian and Heritage windows, which would be perfect for channeling a 18th or 19th century style cottage. For a cheery cottage look, pastel coloured finishes will brighten even the bleakest of days.

Cottagecore is all about celebrating nature. As well as floral prints, fresh and dried flowers on windowsills would add to the cottage style of your home.

Cottage style

Orion offers traditional styles of windows and doors with advanced benefits, such as performance-enhanced windows and doors that are thermally efficient. 

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