3 Benefits Of Installing A Porch To Your Home

Not many people realise the benefits that a porch can bring your home. From style, insulation and security, a porch can add so much value to a property. When investing in a porch, it is important that it adds to the existing personality of your home. We have listed the top 3 benefits, that a porch from Orion can have on a property.



Don’t shy away from style

Whether your home is a Victorian, Georgian, 1970s or Modern, there is a porch perfect for you! By pairing a property and porch together in terms of property style the porch won’t hinder the existing property’s personality. We take pride in ensuring your porch fits in seamlessly with the existing character, whilst still giving your home a whole new dimension. Orion take charge in every aspect of the porch, from the base building, to the door itself, windows, decorative panels and roof. As well as this, your electrical requirements will also be dealt with efficiently and any necessary UPVC guttering, drainpipes and internal plastering.

Secure your home the Orion way

A porch acts as another barrier of security to your home. Your new front entrance will include high security hinges and handles, a multi-point locking mechanism, dog bolts and a series of anti-bump/snap cylinders. Ultimately making it near impossible for any unwanted visitor to break through the windows and doors.

Take advantage of its value

Not only will your new entrance be a security haven and the focal point of your neighbourhood, it will add practicality and value to your home. You will be able to utilise it for storing your jackets, coats and footwear. Due to this inevitable new feature, you will need to ensure your porch is properly energy efficient. If not you could be wasting a lot of money due to heat loss.A porch from us will be installed with double glazed windows and doors and an efficient roof covering. Your porches warmth will be greatly appreciated when seeking shelter from the wet and practically arctic conditions we experience in Britain.


If you are looking for porch inspiration this winter check out our varied and diverse range of porches.


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