Why New Windows Are A Must This Winter

Purchasing brand new double or triple glazed windows for your home might be the last thing on your mind in the middle of a sunny summer but it should be if your existing windows need substituting.

Why, you might ask? There are several reasons why we recommend you do it now:

  1. Nice weather

Temperatures are at their warmest, so even if your current windows aren’t supplying the necessary energy efficiency you won’t feel cold indoors. This won’t be the case if you persist with them in winter, making now the ideal time to have them removed and replaced to avoid the chance of you feeling any internal coldness once the weather turns.

  1. Improved security

We experience fewer daylight hours in the winter and thieves are more likely to strike when darkness falls. Your windows will be an obvious target for them once the clocks go back so it is imperative that the window locks are still functioning effectively and providing the necessary protection. Modern replacement windows contain highly reliable multi-point locking mechanisms that are almost impossible to break.

  1. Weather resistant

The cold, wet weather in winter can really take its toll on traditional timber windows and unless you regularly maintain them their performance dramatically dips. No upkeep (painting, sanding, varnishing) is required with newly bought UPVC or aluminium windows as they are completely weather resistant and can retain their appearance.

  1. Beautiful styling

The wintertime is a busy period with Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year all on the horizon. To celebrate these events you may invite people to your home and you’ll be keen to impress them. A set of unsightly windows can be off-putting for visitors, whereas a sparkling set of coloured windows will give the place the wow factor.

Hopefully we’ve persuaded you enough to invest in new windows before the summer reaches its conclusion.

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