How To Use Colour To Revive Your Living Space

How to use colour to enhance your home

It will be so nice when the clocks go forward as it will instantly give us an extra hour of daylight, and your home will be better for that too. 

But that’s still a few weeks off yet. Not to worry though. Brightening up your home can be done now with the simple use of colour, both inside and outside. 

If you’re something of a colour novice, Orion is something of a colour expert and can advise you on how to introduce colour in different ways.

Colourful windows & doors

Colour is one of the biggest tools you have to invigorate the place. We all know that it can switch our mood, create the feeling of space and give it a bold look. 

To employ colour in your main living area, choose a vibrant finish for your windows and doors, or just pick a visually enticing window treatment, such as some patterned curtains, striking blinds or a combination of the two. 

For this time of year, white is a bit of a cold colour. What you need instead is something like a red hue (maybe mahogany?) which will give the house a warmer feeling, perfect for the cold winter months.

The inside of an oak coloured window

Colourful paint

Sometimes, all you need is a paintbrush and some paint to bring certain things back to life, such as a feature wall, bookcase or TV stand, preferably in a finish that’s a total contrast to cream, magnolia or ivory. 

Try not to do anything too garish though – we’ve seen very few examples of e.g. blue-coloured sofas looking good next to a glowing yellow wall! 

Start by inspecting the colour wheel and identifying colours on it that would go well together. Typically, they will be pretty adjacent, as you will discover when observing the many variants of blue, green and cyan, three very calming shades.

A kitchen area

Colourful accessories

If you want to avoid picking a colour scheme that you later come to regret, experiment with colour instead, buying accessories in shades you think you like e.g. cushions, rugs and blankets. 

It would be much easier to change these soft furnishings than reverse a full-scale colour makeover. Another idea is to swap accessories every season so that your colours are in keeping with each of them.

A bedroom area

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