The Advantages Of Fitting A Solid Roof To Your Home Extension

For some householders, the end of summer will mark the end of them being able to utilise their conservatory or orangery until springtime returns. Why is that the case you may be asking?

Solid Tiled Roof Orangery

You’d know if you have ever walked into a home extension with an old roofing system as in winter it’ll feel tremendously cold, unpleasantly cold in fact. It’s such a waste of a conservatory or orangery space as how exciting would it be to host occasions like Christmas and New Year within the surrounds of such glamorous settings!

You will have that luxury if you include a solid roof in the new conservatory or orangery you plan on buying or have a custom-made solid roof replace your current roofing system. Both of these options are open to you at Orion and will improve temperature regulation in an instant.

A solid roof isn’t just a method of making an extension forever usable…

Injects new life into old extensions

There will be a sudden race amongst family members to use the extension if a solid roof has been retrospectively added as it will feel like new again and bring constant pleasure to all of its inhabitants.

Keeps out noise

A lot of people head to their conservatory or orangery when they want a little bit of peace and quiet. The lightweight slates / tiles used to create a solid roof have excellent noise reducing qualities and will make outdoor noise less audible from the confines of the extension.

Authentic colour finishes

You will notice that the lightweight slates / tiles are virtually identical in appearance to real slates / tiles and even have similar contours. They can be supplied in a number of authentic coloured finishes to help ensure your solid roof complements the slates / tiles on the roof of your house.

Low heating bills

Your reliance on heating should be relatively minor thanks to the standard of thermal efficiency offered by a solid roof. This will keep your heating costs down and leave you with more money in your pocket.

Adds value to the house

There may come a time when you want to sell your house and you’ll be in a strong position to do so when your extension already has a solid roof. When you have an extension capable of being used 365 days of the year, it will help to justify you putting a decent resale price on the property.

Our superb range of solid tiled roofing systems includes the UltraRoof, a thermally efficient slate tiled roof featuring large, made-to-measure rectangular glass panels. Get a copy of our Solid Tiled Roofs brochure here.


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