The Green Deal Gets Culled By The Government

It was mooted to be the solution to the widespread inefficiency of UK homes but the Green Deal is officially no more after the government pulled the controversial initiative.

For those unaware of the scheme, the Green Deal enabled homeowners to take out a loan to make energy saving improvements to their property such as the installation of double glazed windows. They then repaid the cost of such measures with the savings made from the reduction in energy bills.

But due to a low take up since its launch in January 2013 and worries about the standard of installation provided, the energy secretary Amber Rudd yesterday announced that the Green Deal is being wound up.

Only 10,000 homes have been fitted with energy efficient products via Green Deal finance, with 5,600 others currently in progress; these will still go ahead.

No alternative scheme has been announced so it leaves those who were looking towards the Green Deal for assistance in something of a quandary.
If you’re prerogative is to save money on your energy bills then brand new windows and doors from Orion Windows will do the job.

What you may not realise is that your current windows and doors are likely doing all or any of these three things:

• Failing to trap the heat generated by your boiler
• Failing to transfer in the warmth of the sun
• Failing to prevent draughts from getting in

If they are then that’s why you are paying over the odds on your energy bills.

Paying for a new set of windows and/or doors may sound financially demanding but what you have to weigh up is how much they will save you in the long-term. You could well recoup all of your money well before they pass their intended lifespan.

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