Double Glazing In Leeds Could Make Your Business Energy Efficient

A story on the Guardian Series has detailed how Epping Forest is shortly due to invest over £200,000 on double-glazing at its Civic Offices. Epping Forest District Council says the existing single-glazed windows are 40 years old and cause significant heat loss. They estimate that the double-glazing will save it £20,000 a year on energy costs. So, you can see just how much of a difference it can make and the enormous amount of money it can save a company.

When you think about how much heat needs to be generated in a workplace, especially if it is a big building with a significant workforce, you can soon figure out why they have made this decision. Old windows tend to let heat pass through them more easily than double glazing would. Window companies in Leeds recommend that you replace windows as they are able to trap heat indoors and therefore lessen the amount of wasted energy, which can contribute to a large carbon footprint.

Changing windows can make a building more energy efficient as most heat generated will stay present within a room. They also tend to be more strong and able to cope with the weather, so no matter if it rains, snows or sleets, your new windows will offer you the sufficient protection that you require at all times. If you are able to turn down the heater at work it also makes for a greener workplace and an overall healthier planet.

Make sure when the heating is on that all windows are kept closed, as this again will be a waste of energy, something which we could without. If you are looking to save energy at home, then conservatories in Leeds and double glazing in Leeds are a good place to start as they will use the natural heat of the sun to heat up both the conservatory and your home.


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